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Hey, you!

Lovely that you’re here. I’m Elina — a radical environmental activist, entrepreneur, writer and an interaction skills and meditation teacher.

I’m running for the Helsinki city council because I am devastated by both the lack of environmental & climate action and the rise of the far-right. I want to make sure that the decisions made locally take into account the climate and ecological crises as well as the growing inequality. I think the city needs to support everyone no matter their income level, class, skin colour, abilities, education, ethnic, religious or cultural background, sexuality or gender. We are all equal.

As practical action, I demand the city change all publicly served meals into vegan meals, the public transport into a free system, implements circular economy and principles of true sustainability, protects and creates more biodiverse green areas, community gardens, green roofs, city forests and prioritises cycling for those to whom it is a possible form of transport by improving routes and their maintenance.

Public services should be free and multi-disciplinary co-operation must be developed between different services so that, for example, it is easy and accessible to get care whether the care you need is psychological support as a person going through alcohol and drug rehab or an elderly person desperately needing a place in a home.

It’s clear to me that services should be paid from taxes and if necessary, taxes should be increased progressively, instead of services being cut. Taxes are a also way to balance inequalities. However, they are not the only way. We need to do conscious action so that diversity, accessibility and safety for all is secured.

My viewpoint is always feminist and anti-fascist.

I’d love it if I could spread the word about the right to vote in the municipal elections. If you know people who might not have citizenship, but are residents, please tell them that they, too, have the right to participate in the local decision-making.

My campaign video – with English subtitles.

Who am I?

I come from a radical left family. I’ve studied social and cultural anthropology (B. Soc.) and gender studies (MA) in the University of Helsinki. After I had children, I changed career and studied interaction skills. I’ve written books about interaction and emotional skills.

In the past three years or so, I’ve spent most of my free time doing climate activism in Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion Finland. I think the society needs to change faster than our political system makes it possible without outside pressure. The most efficient way to create this pressure is to do civil disobedience. That’s why I’ve stopped traffic both paddling in a kayak in the sea and just by persistently standing on a road. I’ve also been on hunger strike in the centre of Helsinki for 12 days. I’m committed to continuing civil disobedience and grassroots organising in the future, too.

I’ve been vegan for 17 yrs. It is a personal choice I’ve made to protect the environment, the climate and non-human animals. I also share my home with two rescue dogs.

In addition to being an activist, I spend time with my kids, do wild swimming, hiking, drawing, paddling and ashtanga yoga.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at No question is too small or unimportant.